About Us



There is no shortage of general help and basic knowledge, but information that you can depend on to make long-term decisions and commit significant dollars is another matter entirely. Deltech has set itself apart by delivering outstanding service for over 30 years. Deltech provides specialized and state-of-the-art knowledge, proven expertise, and solid experience in digital media infrastructure, storage, and networking solutions, to help you to do much more than just keep pace in a rapidly changing digital media landscape.

We also help you to stay ahead by designing, deploying, and maintaining digital media infrastructure solutions that meet exceptional standards of reliability, flexibility, and high-performance. Build environments that promote high and consistent productivity and unleash the full creative potential of your team. We will help you to apply the best systems and methods for superior and cost-effective data management and digital media operations. We help you to deploy and maintain systems that are customized to your need but without the traditional high custom costs.

You Get

  • Experience and depth of skill to plan, design, implement and maintain high-performing media and storage systems.
  • The breadth of expertise to integrate diverse media technologies.
  • Focused project management to provide turnkey service and on-time delivery.
  • Technical leadership to help you maximize IP usage, and transition to all-digital environments.
  • Expert support and training to develop advanced skills and master new technologies.
  • Proven leadership to deploy optimal workflows for maximum quality and productivity.
  • Dependable guidance to help you to successfully navigate the rapidly changing digital media landscape.
  • Professionalism, a commitment to excellence and a focus on your infrastructure needs.

Design Services

  • Digital Media Infrastructure Planning
  • Broadcast Systems Design and Integration
  • Storage Networks Design and Integration
  • Workflow Mapping and Optimization

Technical Support

  • Services Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Onsite Repair Facility

Avid Support

  • Avid Elite Partner
  • Avid Workgroup ACSR (Avid Certified Support Representative)

Adobe Support

  • Adobe Specialty Camera and ProVideo Dealer
  • Integration of Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects into broadcast workflows

Panasonic Support

  • Panasonic Professional Imaging Dealer

Professional Training & Demonstrations

  • Fully-connected and State-of-the-art Training Facility
  • Fully Equipped Demo Room
  • Avid Video Technologies
  • Adobe ProVideo Software
  • Cinegy Systems
  • Panasonic Cameras
  • HP Servers, Matrox & AJA I/O, and more.

Technical Services Agreements

With Deltech as a service partner, a phone call or email request is all it takes to make your problems go away, whether they are big or small. You'll never be short of dependable and quality support again while improving your system reliability and control over support costs.

  • Unlimited calls,
  • Service requests via phone or web,
  • Extended phone hours and pager support (available Weekdays 9 am to 5 pm EST and additional support available upon request),
  • We have guaranteed response times (within 1-2 business days).