Avid NEXIS | 2022

| OCTOBER 10, 2023 |

Workflow-optimized video storage solutions for media production

Get unmatched media storage performance and scalability for on-premises and cloud workflows. Optimized to accelerate media workflows, Avid NEXIS—featuring the all-new Avid NEXIS | VFS virtual file system and Avid NEXIS | FLEX subscription—enables production teams to collaborate and adapt fast to the changing needs and unpredictability of today’s media production. Integrated with the next-generation Avid NEXIS F-series storage engines, or as a cloud or hybrid deployment, Avid NEXIS enables teams of all sizes to work from anywhere, delivering secure access to media and metadata across all tiers of storage.

Avid NEXIS F-series: New storage platform using industry leading, enterprise class hardware with faster storage controllers, disk drives and network connections

Avid NEXIS | VIRTUAL FILE SYSTEM (VFS): Intelligent, virtual file system with Avid patented media due times, for on-premise and cloud deployments

Avid NEXIS | FLEX software subscription: Delivering a new alternative to the traditional CAPEX purchasing model

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