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Team with Deltech to provide a deeper and more engaging experience with your Radio audience.

Migration from Digital to Visual Radio has never been easier!

With Speaking detection AI from Multicam systems, we deliver fully automated Visual Radio with manual override.


The system chooses the right shot according to the speaking detection.

In real time, an Artificial Intelligence engine selects the best camera shot.

The recalling of the camera pre-set and the switching is fully automated.

Integrated with your AoIP Audio console so the system focuses on the active speaker

The live program is natural and dynamic.

No human intervention necessary!



Broadcast your Visual Radio show to social media platforms and engage a wider audience. We offer solutions for interactivity and social media networks for the ultimate viewer experience.

Today’s “listener” is consuming media on their mobile devices and Visual content is the solution to attract and keep your audience on your radio show.


Social Media ingest

Engage your audience with the moderation and social media messages integration

Various angle of shots

Each microphone can be covered by different cameras and shot angles.

You define shots for each microphone.

Thanks to the PTZ Cameras support, you can manage up to 128 different shots by cameras.

Each shot can have a notation for prioritization.

Recording & Live Streaming everywhere

Visual Radio add-on to your radio production requires no additional staff. Engage your audience at a higher level with a compelling, rich and entertaining experience.

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We offer a wide range of “ALL IP” or SDI based solutions.